Oblique Narratives
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My tumblr is where I share more of my work, and other thoughts, notes and provocations that inform my work.
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If you want to get in touch you can find me some other places, or email me at one.chair.only at gmail.com
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peterpeter107 asked:
Such beauty. Such violence. So much innocence lost. Wonderful images. Keep up the good work.
I answered:

Beauty, violence, innocence… such wonderful themes to explore. As always, all my thanks to the folks who feel moved to take part!!

I was tumbling thru tumblr and fell thru the rabbit hole which is your page. I don't even want to leave. Thank you for sharing these pieces of you and your art.
I answered:

Please don’t leave  :) thanks, both for the kind words and for seeing that what I create is also a piece of me… 

hey, i just wanted to write in and join the chorus of voices who simply adore and admire your work. thanks for opening doors and pushing far beyond any limits i ever had. and as someone asked recently, more boys on your blog would be awesome, but please just keep doing what you're doing! love.
I answered:

Thank you so much for the kind words!! I would love more men/boys/trans folks from across the spectrum… Please, anyone feel free to get in touch if you feel like you fit the bill  :)

a-clue asked:
Such vulnerability conveyed with a beauty of a harsh reality. Very moving images. High-fives from afar.
I answered:

Thank you very much… as always I credit the people I shoot with being open to creating this work with me. Without them I would not be able to do what I do!

I thought that I was bad, that my mind went terrible places. I realize now I am really quite tame, and a little frightened. The goosebumps on my arms tell me so.
I answered:

Oh, don’t worry, I am sure you still have your bad side!  :)

Your work speaks to me. I look at it, and it's so real that I feel it.
I answered:

Thank you much, I am glad it speaks to you!! :)

Travels: Summer 2014

This summer I plan to be on the road quite a bit. I like finding new places to shoot in that I have never been before, and I love finding people to work with who I would not otherwise get to meet. So, starting in a couple weeks I will be hitting the road…

I haven’t decided exactly where I am going yet, although I do have a few places I know I will be heading to. I am interested in striking up conversations with individuals/couples/groups who are interested in doing a photoshoot, or folks who have access to or know of an interesting location that they can share, or good people who want to have a beer and chat about music.

Places I will be getting to are:

New York City, Ny

SanFrancisco, Ca

Burlington, Vt

Philadelphia, Pa

Places of interest include:

Denver, Co

Atlanta, Ga

Nashville, Tn

Florida panhandle region

New Orleans, La

Asheville, Nc

Seattle, Wa

Portland, Or

Austin, Tx

So if you are in any of the places I will be getting to or if you are near by those places please message me and lets chat. You don’t need to be a model, you don’t even need to have ever modeled before, you just need to have an interest in being a part the process of making art. Please don’t be shy, we will start by talking about your interests and from there figure out what the options might be for shooting.

The biggest factor for me is open mindedness, weirdness, and an interest in exploring. These are all much more important to me than look, body type, where you identify on the gender spectrum, what kind of anatomy you have or don’t have, or any particular kink or fetish. Message me on here or email me at one.chair.only (at) gmail.com

I am looking forward to an amazing summer and making some great kinky new friends. Hope to hear from some of you!

Print shop is now open!

My Etsy shop is now open. In it you will find a small selection of my prints as well as other projects and objects I find in my wanderings. Each month (or close to it) I will swap out the selection of prints for sale, and add a new selection of 6-10 prints you can purchase. I am happy to discuss having a custom size printed for you if you have a particular dimension in mind. I can even discuss options for framing with you if you are interested in that. Just get in touch and we can go from there.

If you have a favorite shot that you would like to see featured in the store next month please get in touch and let me know. I am always interested to know which pieces resonate with viewers and why. I do have a my own criteria for the prints I group and select for any particular month, but I will do my best to get an image worked into a grouping if there is enough interest. 

The prints themselves are really lovely objects (if I can say that myself). I am always tickled when I go visit my printer and pick up an order from her. She does an amazing job. She makes archival fine art pigment prints that are vibrant and deep. The museomax matte paper is in my opinion the perfect compliment to the hazy detail and rich tones in the images. It is a sturdy weight paper that has a brightness of 91. The prints come alive to me in a way that is so different from looking at them on screen. I have added a few images I took of the prints on my page, but seeing them in person is really the only way to get the full effect. 

Each print is titled and signed and housed in an acid free clear sleeve with an acid free backer board for support. Each print also comes with an information sheet which includes details about the print and is stamped and signed by me. People who know me know how much I appreciate the art of mail, so you can always expect your print to arrive thoughtfully packaged and with a note or some little goodies thrown in for good measure. 

If you do place an order I would love to see how you wind up displaying it. I care about the work I create, and it means a great deal to me that others can enjoy it. I appreciate the loves and support I have received, it is something that never gets old or run of the mill to me.

For the time being my print store is on Etsy. I have enjoyed using Etsy for years and have found a lot of wonderful stuff on there. You have the option of paying with your credit card on Etsy or paying through PayPal, either is available when you check out on Etsy. If you have some circumstances that would prevent you from using Etsy you can get in touch and see what alternate ways we can come up with to purchase a print. 

I decided to create a free shipping coupon for my amazing tumblr followers. If you purchase a print from my Etsy shop just enter  ‘SHIPPED4FREE’ in the coupon section when checking out and you will get free shipping. 

Lastly, thank you! Whether you buy a print or just keep looking, commenting, reblogging and loving, I appreciate your support!